Friday, October 1, 2010

Good news for divers!!

Hi guys!! happy eid.. now we come back bring you good news!! Any divers(already got a license) interested to join the trip to Tioman island next week along with the new divers(IIUM students) can let us know before Wednesday so we can do a bookings..

Food + Accomodation + Boat = RM250

*Dives around rm65-75 per dive. It is up to you how many dives you want!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Scuba Diving License Program and IIUM Scuba Clinic

Attention to all!!!

There are a few more places left for:

IIUM Scuba Clinic (3rd Oct)
venue: UKM pool
fee: RM80

Scuba Diving License Program (8-10th Oct)
venue: Pulau tioman
fee: RM950
* inclusive scuba clinic, transportation, food, accommodation(air-conditioned hotel room), rental diving equipment, boat ride to island, open water license, instructor fees and the diving booklet.

p/s: the license program would be RM870 ONLY

for those who are interested to join please send me your details ( NAME, MATRIC NO and PHONE NO to or through our facebook "The IIUM Scuba Diving Club" ) before 3rd September 2010!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Be our friends!!!

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Talk on Scuba Diving (2nd)

Salam everyone~

We would like to make another meeting for those did not attend on last saturday's meeting. It will be a briefing on next club programs that is pool session, scuba diving license course and others programs. please come to get more info and also for registration.

The meeting will be on

Tuesday ( 24 August 2010 )
Econs LR 3.3

Thank You.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Talk on Scuba Diving

There will be a meeting on :

Saturday ( 21 August 2010 )
2.00pm - 4.00pm
Econs LR 3.3

This will be our 1st session for this semester and introduction for new IIUM Scuba Club members with IIUM Divers and Instructor. Please attend to get more info about the club and the upcoming programs ( this semester ad next semester).

Please check the IIUM Scuba Group (facebook) for our latest program.

Our activity for this semester 1 2010/11

The IIUM scuba club has listed a few programs that we will be doing for this semester:

Talk on scuba diving (End of August)
Finning session (Middle of September)
Pool session (One week later)
Open Water Course (Early October)

InsyaAllah we will all make it a success =)

Dive in Style!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Malaysia International Dive Expo 2010

MIDE 2010 is just around the corner. 30th July - 1st August. Since I will be going diving on the 31st and only back on the 1st of August, I will be going to MIDE on Friday (30th July). Anyone interested in going along please do let me know so we can go together gether.

Sunday, July 18, 2010



DATE : 17TH-19TH APRIL 2010


• 16th April 2010
All participant of Scuba Diving License Program departed from IIUM to Dungun jetty at 11 o’clock in the afternoon.

• 17th April 2010
An introduction to scuba system (Assembly and disassembly), pre dive check, regulator use, mask clear, BCD auto and oral inflation, and weight system adjustment is held for Open Water License program trainees. At night, theory class and briefing on next activities is done. Meanwhile, for certified divers group, the first dive is done at Turtle point dive site. In the afternoon, the second dive session took place at Amazing Grace site.

• 18th April 2010
For Open Water participants, shore dive is held during the morning and boat dive at Turtle point in the afternoon. During the boat dive session, students are introduced to giant stride entry. While students were underwater, they manage to complete several skills. The skills were control descent, equalization technique, mask removal, mask clearing, underwater swimming, hand signal, fin pivot, buddy breathing, navigation, hovering, control swimming ascent, breathing from free flow, free descent and giant stride entry. By completing the dive session, participants have completed the requirement for diving license. At night, final class is held and participant is given their result whether they pass or fail the course after final exam is seized.
On the other hand, certified divers group get to do three dives on that day. The first dive is held on 10 o’clock in the morning while the other two dives is held in the afternoon at two o’clock and five o’clock. The dive sites visited during that day are Rajawali Reef, Teluk Nahkoda and Amazing Grace.

• 19th April 2010
In the morning, certified divers group have gone for shore dives while Open Water students have their final boat dive. After finish helping with the packaging of UKM’s diving equipments, all participants head off back to IIUM at 12 noon. We arrived at Female Sport Complex at 10 o’clock in the afternoon.

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